Sunday, 6 January 2013

That is why We have The "IV" !

Paying the entire money for the IV and IV still is a long wait cause you have exams- Irritating!
Seeing the countdown on the CSI FACE IV application for Android - Priceless!

Just one day to go and not having packed anything - Scary!
Just one day to go - Priceless!

Rickshaw from home to Bandra Terminus - Rs. 80
Meeting friends after 7 days at the station - Priceless!

Buying jackets and sweaters and thermals - Rs. 2000
Still feeling freaking cold despite of wearing it all - Priceless!

Having a D-SLR with you - Rs. 33k
Capturing moments that remind you of the IV for a lifetime - Priceless!

Ice creams while going to Mussorie and coming back - Rs. 60
Enjoying the ice creams in freezing temperatures - Priceless!

Buying food at each and every station the train stops - Rs. 100
Running behind the train with the food held tightly in hands - Priceless!
Giving committee members hell of a time - Priceless!

Rafting in River Ganga - Rs. 500
Jumping in the freezing cold water, not giving a damn to the cold water and thinking you are having the time of your life - Priceless!

Having samosas and hot tea after rafting - Rs. 300
Beating the cold with the hot tea and samosas - Priceless!

Buying a wonderful hat at Mussorie - Rs. 120
People snatching and running behind you for the hat - Priceless!

Buying Pepsi (and not hard drinks) on New Years' - Rs 300
Getting high even without drinking just cause you have the people you like the most with you - Priceless!

Uploading 500 photos after the IV - A lot of internet bandwidth
Friends liking and commenting on the pics, reliving the IV once more - Priceless!

Cost for the IV - Rs. 6500
Irritating people with broken English but still enjoying - Priceless!
Narrating the IV experience in totally broken Marathi but still having people cry with laughter! - Priceless! 

Fighting with best of friends and patching up - Priceless!
Having tea in the middle of the night at some random station- Priceless! 

Returning back to find out, whatever the time is Mumbai locals are still crowded - Priceless!
Returning back to find out you have more friends, stronger bonds with the old ones and experiences which you just cannot stop blabbering about - Priceless!

Knowing that the IV is over - Depressing
But knowing that you have one more IV to go - Priceless!

There are hell lot of things money can't buy, and that is why we have the IV! 


It was Legen-JustCannotWaitForTheNextOne-Dary! 

Posted By: Kevin Desai

That is why We have The "IV" !


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