Sunday, 3 June 2012

How It All Began!

                       All started with the CET!  Though after appearing for it I thought it ended all! Appearing for the toughest CET in a decade was horrible!  But fortunately I sailed through! Results were out, and with only 169 I thought I will end up in D.J.Sanghavi  ( making use of the Gujarati quota :P ). But hearing other people score less was comforting and increased my hopes of getting into a better college!
The only colleges I knew which had a name were,
2. SP College
3. DJ Sanghavi
Surely didn't want admission in VJTI or DJ Sanghavi, So it was! 
Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology!

Heard about institutional round forms! 20% of the total seats are up for grabs!  Filled it up... Merit list was out. I was 27th on the list!
With only 12 seats on offer in the Computer stream and Computers being the most elite branch in SPIT, it seemed difficult to get a seat!
D-Day arrived and it was raining heavily! Every certificate, xerox, photos and demand draft was ready!  Mom and me caught a rick from Parle East, traffic and water logging didn't allow us to move any further than Andheri Station! That moment I realized, it is a herculean task to get  a rickshaw from Andheri station to Bhavans... Mid way to college, I met my friend who was in his car...So gave us a lift till college!
I reached SPIT! Saw it for the first time .. Nice Entrance, huge campus ...Everything a student would need!
We were told to assemble in room 101. Little I knew this would become my class for the next one year!
Numbers 1-30 were called in the conference room! One year gone and  that is the only time I have seen the conference room!
The process started after a small speech from the principal.
And then the drama started!
Ranks 1,2 and 3 all take computers! 9 seats left, 24 more people to go! I certainly lost all hopes of getting a seat! . I tried ways and means to convince people! I still remember Akshay and Rajvi also helping me to get a seat! We had met a few days before, that is a different story though! So the process continues with fewer computer seats going! A few absent people were like angels to me! They pushed my rank and chances of getting a seat a bit up! Now it was all equal....Not many computer seats going....EXTC IT and ETRX being equally distributed! It was three seats left at rank 22! The next takes computers! 2 seats rank 23..Heart beats increasing ...Prospects of getting a seat decreasing! The next one also takes computers! its rank 24 and just one seat is left!
But the next two people take I.T and EXTC and I am dancing with joy!
Principal calls for number 27....and she asks what do you want! I say "Computers". She announces last seat of computers left anyone before number 27 still wants it? There is no reply! I have Computers written on my application form!!! :D :D
And it ends a morning of drama...with me successfully getting a Computers seat!
Didn't bother about filling any forms later...
So here I am in S.P.I.T. and after a year I can say I would have never got into a better college!
SP rocks! :D 
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How It All Began!


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