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Food, the Mumbai way!

                  Mumbai , I call Mumbai a mad city. Whatever happens the city is still running 24x7. If you ever wondered what keeps millions of Mumbaikars going, well its the Food! 
The specialty of Mumbai food is that not only the richest but also the poorest have their stomachs filled in their own little tight budget.

You don't have to find food in Mumbai, every road every galli has something delicious in store for you.
In Mumbai you get every kind of food, Indian (Duh!), Mexican, Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese and the list goes on. If you want to find where you can get all this, go to . One awesome site to find all restaurants in Mumbai.

But but, if you really wanna taste what Mumbai food is all about, step down on the streets. The essence of Mumbai is it's street food. Unhygienic at times but its cheap and taste is lip smacking! And with friends the joy of standing and hogging away street food is priceless!

But what defines Mumbai street food? What is that which makes it in most of what we it?

Yes, It's the Pav! 

Lemme tell you how important 'pav' is for the Mumbai Street Food 'industry'.

1)The Vada Pav.

Mumbai literally lives on the vada pav. Starchy potatoes with masala's added, a bit of garlic, mixed and rolled in ball shape and deep fried, then green, brown chutney applied and red hot lasoon sprinkled inside our favorite pav the vada goes inside the pav and when served hot, Heaven! 
Every Mumbaikar has their own favorite vada pav wala and every individual believes that his/her favorite vada pav stall is the best Mumbai has, no one can beat it.
Initially priced at 5 rupees the price has now increased to 8/9/10 rupees. At 9 rupees also its a cheap and quite filling snack.
The most famous line heard when we buy a vada pav,
" Bhaiyya medium banana, jyada theeka nahi! " :P

2) Pav Bhaji
Believe me, you step out of Mumbai, the complete definition of Pav Bhaji changes. Pav Bhaji does not taste awesome anywhere else than Mumbai! 
A mixture of variety of vegetables smashed into a tomato, onion and garlic gravy. Served with butter dipped pav's and a small bit of melting butter on top of the bhaji, garnished with onions and a drop of lemon... Absolute Delight! 
And yes the standard dialogue,
"Ek plate extra pav laana" :D :D 

For the best pav bhaji's in Mumbai go to Amar Juice centre, Parle West, Maruti Pav Bhaji, Parle West, Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo and my mum's Pav Bhaji! :D 

3) Samosa Pav: 

Based on the vada pav, the big samsosa also makes it's entry inside our favorite pav!
Only question how does the big samosa fit inside the pav? :P
Delicious as the vada pav it is fast gaining popularity! 

4) Misal Pav:

Maharashtra's favorite delicacy, Misal means mixture, its full of pulses and onions.
Its hot, delicious, sets tongues on fire and makes nose and eyes water. Served along with 'Pav' it is truly amazing.
Quite a lot of Marathi food joints sell fire breathing Misal Pav.

5) Bhaji Pav, Omelette Pav,  Anda Pav, Dabeli:
Fresh crisp potato bhaji, 5-6 of them, all stuffed inside one pav, makes it the Bhaji Pav.
Omelette Pav and Anda Pav: Quite delicious! :D 
Not quite originated in Maharashta, its awesome to taste as well

6) Bun Maska:
For all those you haven't tried please try it once:
Butter applied inside sweet and soft bread/pav, makes it a wonderful morning breakfast! 

Another Mumbai specialty, Sandwich is a great snack.
Various variety includes the Toast sandwich and the grilled sandwich.
Yet again the standard dialogue after finishing our sandwich,
"Potato ka ek tukda dena, masala daal ke! "

Here ends the pav saga! :D

Next up,

8) Chat! 

Sev Puri, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Ragda Puri, Dahi Puri
All time favorites of quite a lot.
They are tangy and spicy.
Can be made as you want, onion or no onions, theekha or meetha! 
You might have noticed vendors carrying big aluminium things on their heads! Well that's the all in one chat guy! :P
Again the standard line after finishing your plate,
Again the standard line after finishing your plate,
"Bhaiyya ek sukha puri dena"
If you haven't asked for it, next time surely ask, never miss out on free stuff! :P
9)  South Indian
With Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka bordering Maharashtra  South Indian food was bound to have an impact over here. With more than a hundred varieties of Dosa's available, it's difficult to choose one. Fusion Dosa's have also become quite common, Chopseuy Dosa, Pav Bhaji dosa etc.  Mithibai dosa's are awesome! Though more expensive than a restaurant, they are still awesome!

This was a brief of the main Street food available in Mumbai!
There is much more tasty, much more delicious food out there!
In the Cultural Capital of India, in the City there never Sleeps, there is always something special for the food lovers
Enjoy eating! :D

Posted By: Kevin Desai

Food, the Mumbai way!


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