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On Cartoons!

Well any one can talk on this topic on and on and on for hours together. And cant get tired of discussing it again and again. It is something which has ruled our childhood. Everyone in his childhood has spend large amounts of time watching cartoons. The most basic channels being
1.Cartoon Network
3.Disney Channel
And for the ones who understood fast paced English in their childhood :P
Yes the first four channels came in Hindi, at that time atleast :P
I'll list almost all cartoons I watched and loved the most!
( If i miss anyone, it is purely unintentional! Include them in the comments)

1.Bob The Builder

Bob the Builder kar ke dikhayenge,
Bob the Builder Ha bhai haa! 

Aired on Pogo, I would schedule my lunch time so as not to miss the show!

One of the most awesomest cartoon ever made. My personal favorite! (There will be more personal favorites ahead! Every other cartoon seems better than the previous one!)
I remember the whole song! I suck big time at Antakshri but every time the letter b comes in I never fail to sing Bob the builder ka song!

2.Swat Kats

Story of two humanly figured cats flying an awesome plane and using funky missiles to destroy enemies!
One named Bade Miya and one named Chote Miya, one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network!
To watch their episodes -

3. Oswald

One octopus named Oswald, a sunflower named Daisy and a penguin named Henry in a town full of strange buildings and people!
One of the most famous dialogues of Henry,

Do marshmallows, Na Kam Na Jyada
4.Pingu -  Short stories of a stupid penguin named Pingu!

One of the most epic cartoons ever made! All time favorite of any kid!
It was a story of Ash, Misty and Brock on a quest to earn 8 badges which allow them to enter the league and become the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer!
Pikachu was easily the most loved Pokemon of all times.
Pokemon was aired on cartoon network for many years, which included repeat telecast of episodes so many times, but we still watched them!
The brilliance of Pokemon forced us to buy Pokemon cards. Whenever I got a 10rs note in hand, I would rush to the nearest store and buy a packet of cards! Then started trading of cards! Took hours to seal a deal!
A-"Mere paas to Blastoise hai "
B-"Haaaaaa, mere paas Charizard hai! "
A-"Please dena , please please please de na, dekh mein teko 5 cards deta hu, baas Charizard de de!"

Gotta Catch'em All, Pokemon! 

6.Beyblade - Small metal tops rotating at high speeds and clashing against each other in a small circular stadium! Also made childern buy beyblades from the market!
First came the plastic ones which were quite big, then the metal ones which were small.
Took tava from the kitchen and played in it! :P

7.Tom and Jerry- Naaaah! I didnt like Tom and Jerry Sorry to all Tom and Jerry lovers but I couldnt see Tom losing almost every time. :P
8.Dragon Ball Z- I havent watched that much, all I know is Goku, Vejeta and Kameyaa-Meyaaaaaaaa!

Some more amazing cartoons,
Captain Planet-"Captain Planet he is the Hero, iske samne sab hai zero! "
Johnny Bravo- A cool guy with weird hairstyle, crazy behind girls :P
Dexter Laboratory -Another cool cartoon in which Didi disturbs Dexter in his highly modern science lab!
Noddy - "Aa Gaya Noddy, Noddy! :D "
Thomas the Train
Mr Bean & Mr Bean-The Animated Series! - Again a favourite, I can watch Mr Bean episodes again and again!
The Looney Toons Show  -Using Acme products to get rid of the Ostrich
Galactic Football on Animax!
Ninja Hattori on  Nickelodeon
Phineas and Ferb - Two brothers making huge things!
Garfield  - Story of a lazy little cat! 

A futuristic cat who tries to help Nobita by gadgets brought from the from the 22nd century!
Fantastic cartoon!


Ole ole ole :P
The craziest, naughtiest cartoon ever made!
Banned in Japan due to what you can see above!
Amazingly Hilarious! It is still a delight to watch!

The below mentioned ones are not cartoons, but still great fun to watch! 

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Wizards of the Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, Shaka Laka Boom Boom!
All featured on the Disney channel and were awesome fun to watch! :D

These were all the cartoons I watched in my childhood. I still watch some of them! :P
I hope I haven't forgotten any, if so please include them in the comments!

Hope this post of mine helps you remind your childhood days for sometime atleast! :D
Posted By: Kevin Desai

On Cartoons!


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